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Airport Blues

We left a crying niece at the Stop ‘n Go and checked in. Both Big Friendly and I are feeling happy and sad to get home. We had the best holiday, but we missed our animals and our own space. One thing for sure, a change of scenery is a brilliant way to recharge. I am not totally ready to jump straight into things, but I’m starting to feel excited about possibilities.

And I still love the fact that I’m on my lappie at the airport! Fills me with glee.

2nd last day

The sun through the clouds is shining the sea silver. From the fifth floor the sound is surround; big waves, people chatting in the street, cars. Soon we will mosey on down for a coffee and a sea swim, or a sea swim and then coffee. None of us know what we’ll do after that. Big Friendly and I are totally sunned up. Today is the second last day of our week long holiday, here with my brother and sister-in-law on the KZN coast. It has been a proper, proper old fashioned holiday; without a car, strolling around, on the beach, in the pool, hanging out at the local spots, and we have loved every minute of it. Big Friendly and I are not used to actual holidays. But this week has shown me how necessary, revitalising and just delicious they are. Must go. Coffee and waves.

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