I always get so delighted when I go and watch stuff at Alexander Bar. I am so proud that I know Nicholas and Edward and that I can ‘chat to the owners’ of Cape Town’s most delicious bar and theatre. So it wasn’t hard to propel myself there last night (on Nicholas’ recommendation) to watch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Talent Show (I know, I know, not great for the second longest title in the world).

I knew very little about the show, other than Roxanne Blaise was one of the two performers. She shares the stage with Greg Parvess in Ian Tucker’s script, and it is a real cutie. Two contestants for a talent show are forced to share the same make-shift dressing room as the competition runs a bit late and, let’s just say that they are very different. Roxanne plays Angel, a wannabe stand-up, to absolute perfection. She is delicious, funny, intense, energetic and so totally lovable in the most irritating way. Greg plays the actor with a physical intensity that I love (but I just wish there was more why in the script to justify the extremeness of his action).

I laughed out loud a lot at this local, clever, cute and delightful show. If you are reading this today, go and see it tonight. Bam.