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New improv (of)course



I cannot believe we are barreling towards the end of the year already. I haven’t even got all my mascara off from last year. Of course, what this means is that it is time for us to be putting together our new improv workshop, which will be starting on Thursday 5 Sept and will run every Thurs until the 24 October from 630pm to 930pm at The Waterfront Theatre School. This course is for anyone with some performing experience, ranging from professional actors, to comedians, to part time performers with a knack.

This blog post is to encourage you to sign up. I know a lot of performers who have expressed an interest in doing the course and then have shut down, for many reasons, but the biggest and most common one is fear. This is something we spend time working on, and it is very liberating. It is also very safe, and very funny. And even if you discover that you never want to improvise on stage again, you will have had fun discovering it.

We are excited for new blood, and are specifically on the hunt for new Improguise company members, since we have expanded what we do, from the usual twice a week TheatreSports shows, to include monthly experimental adults-only improv at Alexander Bar, our very successful long form improv shows (that include period drama, Westerns and musicals), our yearly 2 week improv fest, and our long, long fundraiser Soap-a-thon, taking place this year on 26 October. You’ll notice that that is 2 days after we complete the new course and we are going to be inviting course graduates to make cameo performances in the Soap-a-thon.

So, there are a lot of good reasons to sign up now to do the course. Email me, and I’ll put your name on the Yes I’m In list.

The Official New Courses Press Release

We Improguisers, best known as the company who performs Cape Town’s best loved and longest running live improv show TheatreSports, will be running two fabulous and comprehensive improvisation workshops, starting on Thursday 6 September 2012, and running once a week for eight weeks.

One course will be Improv for Actors; aimed at taking trained actors through the aspects of improv that develop the skills of spontaneity, team work, characterisation, status, being present and truth, to name a few. The aim will be to get trained actors ready to perform both long and short form improv.

The second course, which will run concurrently, is for everybody. Do your friends and family tell you that you are funny? Was the last time you were on stage your school play, and do you miss it? Did you watch every episode of Whose Line is It Anyway? And think, “I can do that!” Have you seen TheatreSports and thought, “That’s what I want to do!” Are you a web designer, dog walker, gym instructor, radio announcer, or any other kind of somebody with a desire to improvise? Then this course is for you. It is a high impact, fast paced intro to improv that will make you feel fabulous. And, if you show promise, you could be invited to join the current team.

Course facilitators Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan and Candice D’Arcy have returned from Improvention, a massive and inspiring Australian Improv festival, with the improv fire burning strong in their hearts and the vision of turning Cape Town into South Africa’s improv capital.

“We need a huge team of talented, committed improvisers to perform in all the formats, styles and shows we want to get going,” says improv veteran Megan Furniss. “We were so inspired, and saw so much, and back home we have an audience ready for new and exciting forms of improv”.

So, we want you! Contact Megan immediately to secure your place in either course, and to find out the finer details, like costs, times and venues.  cell:083 4403961 follow @meganshead and @theatresportsSA on Twitter

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