I have just had the best morning ever. I was asked to do the voice of Ella the Elephant in a children’s animated series called Jabu’s Jungle, and off I went to The Movement’s studio in Masiphumelele to record. Granted, I was a bit dubious when, in the character brief, I found out that she was an African American jazz singer elephant; a cross between Armstrong and Fitzgerald, but then I let my creative juices get the better of me, and I was like, when are you ever going to get a chance to be that ever in your life? And so I went for it. Boy, did I go for it.

I sang. Loudly and with gusto. I trumpeted and snorted. I did my best Southern accent. I sweated buckets and had the time of my life. This is why actors love doing animation voices. It is the best kind of imagination freeing letting loose anything goes kind of acting. I am still producing adrenaline and serotonin. I am going to be happy for days. Thank you Debbie, Roger, Nic, Chaz. I am in delight.