So last night I jumped from performing a Maestro (which I completely loved) straight into a wild, huge cast for an I Jump You Jump (which was insane and enormous Jill Bernard fun fest). Two chances to perform on the same night! I was so very, completely happy.

Jamie Robertson, who played with us in Cape Town in our early days, arrived from Melbourne yesterday, and it was great to see him, off stage and on. He had his appendix eaten out of him by a monkey puppet doctor. All in a day’s work.

Suddenly it feels like Improvention is hurtling towards its inevitable end and I am already starting to panic. This is what happens when you live, breathe sleep, speak and play impro for a week.

Today I am doing a Giving and Receiving Notes workshop with impro guru Patti Stiles. She really is the most loved woman in impro and people walk around with Patti Stiles smiles. Then, tonight I am going to be performing in Locker Room, a format that we explored in Glenn Hall’s workshop. I’ll probably write about how they were tomorrow.

We hold our final workshop tomorrow morning. I can’t believe it.