I didn’t even really know what it was. And now I am entirely in love with it. Maybe I am in love with it because Jemma Kahn and her sulky, sexy, schoolgirl sidekick are so completely amazing. Maybe I am in love with it because of Jemma’s voice, which would make Liz Mills so proud. Maybe it is the stories; each one more mesmerising than the next. Maybe it’s because it’s Japanese and I thought of Japan. Maybe because it sweeps through all emotions and times and genres lightly, accurately and full of laughing. Maybe it’s because of Maru, or the Japanese metal in between, or the blackboard titles, or the blacked out rude bits, or Nerusome Manderah, or the poetry or the darkness.

So, you don’t have too many chances to go and see The Epicene Butcher and Other Stories for Consenting Adults at Upstairs at The Alexander Bar, because it is the most teeny of runs, but you need to know that it is beautiful, amazing, touching, riveting, hilarious and brilliant. I would go if I was you. I am going to go again. Just saying.