pic by Niklas Zimmer

Second time I have literally had to drag my sorry arse to morning children’s theatre, only this time I had the legitimate excuse of feeling a little jagged. it was fellow improviser Lisa Greenstein’s wedding last night.

As much as I didn’t feel like driving out to Kalk Bay Theatre for Jori Snell’s Kitchen Fables in a Cookie Jar, I knew I would love it once I got there and I wasn’t disappointed. Ok, I was, because it wasn’t totally sold out. But that’s the only reason.

There were lot’s of teenie weenies in the audience and before she started, Jori introduced herself and put active imaginations to rest in terms of scariness. It worked. The kids bought in, cookie jar, spoon and whisk.

This delicious piece takes place in a kitchen that is sometimes an ordinary space, and sometimes a strange, dream place, where all the ordinary becomes interesting and unusual and something other. Lights, paper, utensils, flour and special effects transform, but it is the magical Jori who takes us on, with and through. She is a technical master, an elastic girl and an imagination wizard. I loved every last minute. And so did the kids around me. They laughed, cackled, whispered and spoke their delight.

My favourite was lemon finger man. But I loved everything else too. The special magic grass floor, the flour faced old lady, the quirky cookie kitchen pixie, the light fitting, the jar face. The sound was trippy and wonderful too.

Find a kid to take along to this absolute delight.