My facebum post about having reached my target weight was liked and commented on by over 150 people. This is what it said. “I reached my target body weight today, after four months of successful dieting. I have lost 17kgs, and feel like my old self. I still have a way to go, with disciplined eating to keep from piling on the kilos, but I am inspired, healthy and strong.”

And I got many, many messages, asking all sorts of questions more privately. Losing weight is a huge deal, not to mention a multimillion dollar industry. And everyone has a personal story attached to this whole body, weight, food issue.

One friend who messaged me suggested I write a book about my experience. My first thought was that there was nothing much to my story. I was very overweight and hating what I looked like, I got a tip from someone about the Dukan diet, decided to try it out, had great results, stuck to it for four months and lost 17kgs. Sounds easy. It has been. I was in the right space, and my almost zero tolerance policy to wimping out really helped. But there is more. Much more. And I am going to write about it here on my blog and see whether it helps others, or even just me.

So let’s start with the facts.

1. In a slow build-up over 11 years (since I gave up smoking) I managed to get 17kgs too fat. This is far too much for somebody my height.

2. I was never successful in sticking to an exercise or diet programme.

3. I was shocked by a photograph of myself in December. And that was the trigger.

4. I found the diet that worked for me.

5. I wasn’t scared that I couldn’t do it.

6. I lost my carb and sugar cravings after 48 hours, and never really got them back.

7. I have been cheating, mostly with alcohol, but in moderation, so I don’t feel punished, ever.

8. I have been encouraged by how fast it has been. 4 months. 17kgs.

9. I have been open to all the praise and compliments and words of encouragement, and that has kept me motivated.

10. I have dispelled my personal myths. It is not my ‘body type’ to be thin, I am getting too old to be thin, I have always been overweight (not even true), I have a slow metabolism, I am obsessed with food, I comfort eat (I really don’t, and never have, I just have portion control issues which isn’t a problem on this diet because you can eat us much protein as you physically can).

I will be writing about this for the next while, spending more time on issues as they arise. If you want to check out what I did, start here at My Dukan Diet. I read the actual book in fits and starts, I have the summary of the various phases handy on my computer and I worked out my target weight and converted the lbs to kilos for my own easy use.

Oh, and I bought a scale and I weigh myself every day. And it is fantastic.