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Love Me Tinder – Violet Online Rebooted

LovemetinderI was shocked to see how long it has been since I wrote a blog post. Clearly, I have been busy with other things; other writing, rehearsing, doing. I miss the kind of stuff I let loose on meganshead, especially the kind of random stuff that just pops into my head and out into the blogosphere. This post is not that. It is a very specific, share the joy, self promotion (and promotion of others) type of post. It is about the incredibly short run of the latest instalment of Violet Online, opening tomorrow night at The Alexander Bar.

When the loveliest Lynita Crofford asked me to direct the first Violet Online and I said yes, we were both a little nervous about how it would be received. Lynita had been reading (and chuckling and clucking and guffawing at) these anonymous blog posts written by a recently divorced, looking for a new way of being in the world, over forty everywoman, and Lynita (rightly so) thought it would make great one-woman-show material. It did. Violet Online managed to do something a lot of other theatre doesn’t; appeal completely and with delicious abandon to a not very obvious theatre audience. What a treat. Women, and their girlfriends, and their lovers, and their dates, and their husbands (first, second and third) flocked to Violet Online in Cape Town (thrice), Grahamstown and Jozi. People could relate. Mothers and daughters nodded knowingly at Brazilian waxes, bad brush offs, flaming hot sex, online Scrabble sex, and dresses, dickheads and dodgy dates. People wanted more of Violet. She was hilarious in that completely relatable way.

And the real Violet came out. The proud writer now has the most outrageous and delicious blog of her own. It is irresistible. You will become addicted. Check it out, here.

So, since the last time Violet appeared on stage, airing her slightly damp french underwear in public, she has grown in confidence, and experience. She has a whole lot more to talk about, and there are fewer holds barred. Botox, bargains, boobs, balls, boys, bakers, brisk walks; you name it.

I love this Violet, and I know you will too. Lots of people are anticipating loving her, and have booked their tickets for this very short run, in the tiny theatre. So get in there. Book here online now. And join us as we laugh and delight in Violet’s continued search for love, and sex, and love AND sex.

Violet Online again

Just a quick post to announce the return of gorgeous Lynita Crofford in Violet Online, at the Kalk Bay Theatre from 27 Jan to 8 Feb. So many people were sad to have missed our last short run, but now’s your chance to catch this cheeky, funny, rude and irreverent look at what it’s like to date, cyber sex, raise teenagers and dress as an over 40 single woman. Bookings are open here.


Jumping in to 2015

I always try to do a little bit of something that makes me feel like I am setting the tone and standard for the new year on New Year’s Day, so yesterday I tried to learn some lines. I didn’t try very hard, or stick at it for too long, but I started, and today I’ll do a bit more. I am learning a monologue which I’ll perform on Monday night’s Playthings at The Alexander Bar. It’s one of the monologues from my yet to be staged play Clouds Like Waves. I have only ever done one other Playthings (because it’s on a Monday night and I am usually improvising with ImproGuise, but we only kick that off again on 12 Jan) but is the funnest, least stressful way of trying something out.

I am also trying to write my first radio play. When I say trying, I mean I have a really great kernel of an idea and I have written two scenes. Not sure that exactly qualifies but I like to think so. I will do some more later.

And then I am going to start turning my energy towards the end of the month and the next run of Violet Online at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I know it wasn’t that long ago that we did our premier run at The Alexander Bar, but the great thing for theatre makers is that Kalk Bay is considered to be another country, so we will be able to perform to those people there. And, I’ve got a feeling it’s the right play at the right place. I look forward to picking up that book again and having such fun playing with Lynita. Dates for the two week run are 27 Jan to 8 Feb.

Yup, feels like I am setting the tone.

My best theatre of 2014

One of my most favourite pieces of theatre this year was Drive With Me, written and performed by me and directed by Liz Mills. I not only loved doing it, I loved doing it at The Alexander Bar, loved the extraordinary responses I had to it, critically, but especially personally, and I totally loved being on stage in front of tiny full houses, receiving the love and warmth of shared work. I particularly loved being able to share my writing of this piece.

One of the most dangerous and exciting theatrical things I did this year was I Could Go On, three nights of me performing solo improv. Did everything work? No. Did some things exceed expectations? Totally. But I loved it. (I was held by director and gorgeous friend Candice D’Arcy).

One of my proudest moments of the year was the reading of my play Clouds Like Waves by friends and brilliant talents Jaci de Villiers, Tandi Buchan, Nicole Franco, Heather Mac and Charlie Keegan. They made me see how much I love this play. They were awesome and awe inspiring.

One of my absolute delights this year was directing Lynita Crofford in Violet Online. What a sexy little experiment that totally paid off in deliciousness. (opening at the Kalk Bay Theatre on 26 Jan for a 2 week run).

My big and enduring theatrical love affair was my industrial theatre road show for Engen. Honestly, after 10 years they just get better and better, and I love my cast, client and audiences deeply.

One of the last favourites of the year was the total joy of directing Nicholas Spagnoletti’s Drowned Bride. I was as off the wall as I could be, and I was allowed to be. What a gift, I tell ya.

My most outrageous theatrical project was coaching and directing a group of bankers to re-interpret four fairy tales and then perform them competitively. They were inspiring, hilarious and the best teams ever. They taught me so much.

There was more. All of it, in fact. But these were my favourite favourites. Thanks to all who help me do exactly what I love.



The Surprise of Violet Online

1292115891180_4258075Violet Online has been a joyous surprise. Granted, I don’t need to do the hard work of going on stage every night, being the director. Lovely Lynita Crofford has managed that very nicely, thank you very much. The surprise hasn’t even been how well received the work has been, even though it has, with two out of three reviews that I have seen being really, really good. The big surprise has been in how unbelievably well the show has done at the box office.

Firstly, it is clear that this kind of show, and by that I mean content, has a huge and responsive audience. Its target market is middle aged women, and friends and family of middle aged women (even though I believe it has broader, and universal appeal). People heard about Violet Online and booked for it. Our run has been pretty much totally sold out and we decided to add 4 performances next week on our opening night last week. I know that the Alexander Bar theatre is really tiny and easy to fill, but the truth is, none of us did huge publicity. People want to see this show. And this makes me very excited, because Lynita got it right. She chose the material, knew it would be popular, and then we made something beautiful and funny of it.

But I am even more excited by the idea that theatre doesn’t have to be back breakingly difficult to sell. I am excited by the notion of making accessible, enjoyable theatre for people who will come. I am excited that Alexander Bar has built an audience who will trust what is on, and come regardless.

I was scrolling through my blog this week and I saw a post from a few months ago where I wrote about how I was done being desperate about selling my shows. And something has clearly shifted for me. I am (currently) able to keep my promise to myself. I am able to make work, be proud, and let it be seen.

Violet Online extends with shows Mon 21 – Thurs 24 October at 9pm. Book here on Alexander Bar.

Theatre Life

cheersI am still on a cloud of high after the most intense and passionate week of work. It is Saturday morning and I woke up early to write a proposal (I was too tired to do it last night) and I was happy and amped to do it this morning. That’s because I am loving my work so much right now.

Last week consisted of the opening of Violet Online at The Alexander Bar, a cutie pie of a show that I directed, starring Lynita Crofford. It has been a thing of joy to work on. I don’t know Lynita very well, but we had such a delicious time, and I am so proud of the work we have done. I love our script (written by an anonymous but brilliant blogger). I love our set of fab purple couch (Big Friendly wants that couch badly), painted 2nd hand table and purple ghost chair. I love our most amazing cartoon drawings that were created especially for us by Goregoat (young new hot designer, if anyone needs that kind of thing, and the image in this post is one of her’s for the show) and I absolutely love our sound track of contemporary pop. We are on at 9pm Monday to Saturday next week. I am so excited to see how tickets are flying for this show. Thank you all who have pre-booked.

Last week was also the second week of rehearsals for my bi-anual Engen industrial theatre road show, culminating in a client viewing yesterday morning. What a blast. Again I am working with a cast of regular magnificents and two new magnificents and they are a joy to play with. Our rehearsals interrupt our laughing. I can’t wait to go to work with these people every day.

And it was also the week where I coached a group of banker type people who then put on four theatre (and movie) productions yesterday afternoon. This gig totally blew my mind. And made me a new BFF (Kathy Page Wood, who found me and gave me the gig). And put me on a theatre high, and life high, and an “OMG I love what I do” high. Theatre people will know that in a production you fall in love. It is the most intense kind of love ever. It starts in rehearsals with a flirty, frivolous fascination. In production this love/lust intensifies (and sometimes even gets consumated before the end), and then it is over on the final night, and the feelings slowly fade until the next time. Well, I fell in love with a group of over 40 people in the space of two weeks and I only saw them three (or two or one, in some cases) times. Yesterday they performed their hearts out, and tried to bribe me, and were proud and emotional, and passionate and totally magnificent. They dressed up, and drove cardboard taxis, and wore wigs, and sang and danced, and wrote scripts, and dressed in drag, and cheered each other on, and gave each other standing ovations, and got drunk and chatty afterwards. I loved being a part of their team.

What a week. Next week is more of the same. I say, bring it on!

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