My second show of the day was Master of the Cafe Society and it wasn’t my favourite thing by a long shot. In fact, it was a bit of a damp squib that left me in the dark, quite literally.

It’s a two hander adaptation of a piece by Berkhoff with Clare Mortimer and Darren King and directed by Peter Cort. I don’t know why these talented people chose this piece. They obviously didn’t want to do the edgy, bitter, crude and darkly funny Berkhoff style and chose to cartoonify and treat it cutely and whimsically. Unfortunately, any Berkhoff punch is replaced with feather duster tickle and it is a dreary and boring watch checking 50 minutes.
I had problems with the style, direction and interpretation. I didn’t get the endless costume and set business and I was mystified by the performers who were in complete darkness so much of the time!
The only only thing I shared with Jack, the lead male character was a flaccid inability to get excited.
In a nutshell, two good performers totally wasted in this bit of nothing.