Walking across the stage area of The Flipside to get to the seats was like walking through a zombie graveyard. The occasional movement of one of the scattered bodies lying in the dirt or propped up next to a wall or draped over a piece of set was creepy. Once we had negotiated the journey to our seats I giggled as I watched girls hold their dresses to stop the one body from being able to look up their skirts. And those two feelings, giggling and creepy, set the tone for the piece.

Voices Made Night (directed by Mark Fleishman and with Jennie Reznek, Faniswa Yisa, Mfundo Tshazibane, Dann-Jaques Mouton, Thando Doni, Chiminae Ball, Richard September) is a revisit of The Magnet Theatre’s staging of Mia Couto’s strange and wonderful short stories. I remember how I felt after watching the original production in 2001 even though I couldn’t remember an actual specific thing. And once this one started I had a similar sensation. It washed over me, and I sat there letting each image, message, character and story take me on a teeny journey, before letting it go, and experiencing the next one.

The ensemble cast are really strong where it matters. They work absolutely brilliantly together. The set is fantastic and the music is wonderful and evocative. The costumes and make-up are totally fabulous. My only teeny nigggle was the pace; which is either deadly slow or hysterical, and I think there could be much more in between.

This production is either your kinda cuppa, or not. It was mine.