After a delicious time with great friends celebrating one of my oldest and dearest’s 40th birthday last night, it is worth mentioning the small but pounding hangover; the result of a body unused to alcohol these last months.

Today is the beginning of the home stretch. The amount there is to do before we see our first preview audience on Thursday night is almost unimaginable, and quite scary to negotiate with the hangover. Tomorrow we move into the venue, get costumes and props, start thinking about lights and sound, carry on doing publicity and rehearse like mad things.

It looks like our madcap ‘scheme’ of Shameless product placement has worked. We are proud to announce an association with ADT and Avon who will be plugged in the show, and I am finalising a deal with the purveyors of a swimming/bath robe made of kikoy material. I find this hilarious and brilliant.

Which brings me to my next point; how funny I find the cast, and what we have put together. I hope it’s not just me! Naah, it can’t be. Daneel, Ntombi, Larissa and Anele are properly, totally funny. They are a joy to work with and we laugh a lot. Which I hope will be good for my hangover today. Here’s to the final prep week of Good Will Acting.