To be honest, I have been a little cynical of the SA community in Australia; I have carried a suspicion that I wouldn’t like what they thought about home, and too many white ex-seffefrikens are cliquey and ‘old fashioned’ and have switched privilege for privilege in a quite unconscious way. These ideas have made me quite nervous. Added to that has been my projected response to the SA Jewish community in Oz, particularly in Sydney. So, first thing was me catching up with an old school friend who I haven’t seen for 30 years, and it was like swooping back in time to brilliantness. It was so lovely and easy and miraculous.

Then, my cousin, whose family is recently in Sydney (a year and a half), took us to see what the men (dad and two sons) in the family were doing. I was so touched. They had gone to Our Big Kitchen, a Jewish organisation that makes meals for the homeless. Tonight, in celebration of Madiba’s birthday, a huge group of mainly ex-South Africans came together to cook 700 meals in 67 minutes, to feed homeless and needy. It was magnificent. I had to keep myself from crying about a hundred times.

Right now I am feeling horribly disillusioned about home. It’s been a bit of a struggle coming to terms with these new feelings about me and SA, so it was really weird having this touching reference to home in the most positive and pro-active way.