I have been wanting to write this post ever since the war in Gaza started but I wanted to make sure that my reaction was not hysterical and knee jerk; it is very, very important that I am clear here.

I am not going to fall into the ‘tit for tat’ trap of ‘who started it’. I am going to control my irrational emotions and try to express my horror at the absurdity of what is happening.

I have only one point to make that is different from everything that has already been said, and it’s one that I would love to say to all of Israel, and Jews around the world. See what you look like. Understand how you are seen. There is no doubt that Hamas have been rocketing Israel and breached a cease fire. But the force of Israel’s retaliation is totally out of control and out of all proportion, and instantly, the Palestinians are the victims. They are. Hundreds of women and children have been killed and injured. There is a humanitarian crisis that puts the welfare of over a million people in a tiny, closed off area at risk. And even though it is possible that Hamas did not have the support of all Palestinians and other Arab nations to begin with, that is a turning tide. The deaths on either side are, about a hundred to one. It is absolutely impossible to believe then, that Israel are fighting a war of survival. They must stop. It is out of control.

I write this as a human being, South African and Jew.