Every now and then I get it right, and I do something totally for me; something that makes my heart sing. A few weeks ago my friend Nicky Newman ‘spoke’ on Facebum about Patreon, this site she had joined that collects patrons for artists who make beautiful work, and then the patrons get special access to some of work. I decided to become a patron of Nicky’s (for an embarrassingly small amount of money every month), and I was promised rewards. Today I was granted access to 25 of the most spectacular photos and the right to use them on, and for, stuff. After finally getting my breath back (these pictures are really sublime) I realised that one of the photos is the title of my play, Clouds Like Waves, and I have to share it. Every so often I will be able to get a special glimpse of Nicky’s work and share the love. This is the start of a most beautiful thing.