In a case of Christmas morning bounty from nature I found a pine cone on our morning dog walk and it was full of pine nuts. I am talking the most full pine cone ever.

20141225_115050 I set about taking the nuts out and within seconds my hands were coated with very impossibly gooey pine sap. Sticky, brown, sticks to everything sap. So I asked Big Friendly to google for the best way to remove pine sap from skin and within nano seconds he had found a few options on the magical internet. I decided to try the first one, because it was one ingredient, I had some in the cupboard, and it promised to take 30 seconds.

Peanut butter.

20141225_115037Big friendly gave me a tablespoon of peanut butter (Black Cat crunchy if you must know) and I rubbed it into my hands for about 30 seconds. It felt fantastic, and smelled amazing. And then I washed it off. That is it. Peanut butter took off every last sticky blob of pine sap.


20141225_115229Which is why I love the internet, and nature, and peanut butter. Best internet solution ever.