That’s what this festival is all about; a fabulous show that had its last performance today, without much of an audience, but was fantastic, and should have been squeezed full of students, reveling in the coolness of Shakespeare as hip hop.

Eleven gorgeous young Princeton students and a funky DJ do a contemporary take on Hamlet, with rhyme, dance, commitment, moves, energy and tons of creative enthusiasm!

It was hard for me that there were so few people in the audience at the depressing Bowling Club. It irritated me that the tuck shop staff could be heard throughout the performance distracting the performers. It made me mental that people went to the toilet during the show.

And yet, I loved this hour and a half of modern American Hamlet. Ham (Hamilton) has to take revenge on Jean Claude (Claudius). He is a politician, running for mayor. Polonius is Mr Parker, the sheriff. Etc. Classic. Ham gives performance advice to the mc for the showdown.The smooth mix of old and new rhymes, guns and moves, radio show, community war, slo-mo fight scene, and real connected scenes that told the story was totally engaging. The cast was sexy, funky and talented. They performed in a bit of a vacuum. And tomorrow they leave. Sad. And amazing. I was lucky I saw it. Follow the DJ on @DJSUPERNOVA