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It’s pouring with rain and I haven’t even got out of bed. I am so lucky. Big Friendly let me stay here, reading my book, while he took a gap in the falling wetness and walked the dogs. Gally is sick from eating too much Eid and Rosh Hashana left overs. The cats are antsy and in funny moods in the rainy weather. And my mother, who has spent a week with us, is going back to a sweltering Jozi today.

I have been juggling her visit and preparation for my next industrial theatre job which starts rehearsals on Monday. Now is the exciting, nervous time, before the active work. What will my brand new cast be like to work with? Will we be a good team? What set, props and costumes must I get? What will the script sound like when spoken? All the possibilities are fun to think about.

Eid, Rosh Hashana in Woodstock

It’s great when Eid and Rosh Hashana fall on the same weekend. What a brilliant opportunity to see how similar we all are; how the holidays bring family, friends and communities together, and how pretty (and spoilt) the children of all denominations are.

And here, in Woodstock, the smells of cooking are completely amazing. Children are running around in their best clothes, with sticky coins in hot little hands. The weather has played with beautifully. The rain has gone and the sun is shining, with no hint of the South Easter that was supposed to come.

And everyone is spring cleaning, decorating, painting. We’ve also got the fever. Our front wall has been scraped a bit (and now it looks like it has some kind of skin disease) and Big Friendly is trying to empty out the spare room which is getting long-awaited cupboards and bookshelves this week. Yay!

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