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A Funny Thing at the Alexander Bar

I always get so delighted when I go and watch stuff at Alexander Bar. I am so proud that I know Nicholas and Edward and that I can ‘chat to the owners’ of Cape Town’s most delicious bar and theatre. So it wasn’t hard to propel myself there last night (on Nicholas’ recommendation) to watch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Talent Show (I know, I know, not great for the second longest title in the world).

I knew very little about the show, other than Roxanne Blaise was one of the two performers. She shares the stage with Greg Parvess in Ian Tucker’s script, and it is a real cutie. Two contestants for a talent show are forced to share the same make-shift dressing room as the competition runs a bit late and, let’s just say that they are very different. Roxanne plays Angel, a wannabe stand-up, to absolute perfection. She is delicious, funny, intense, energetic and so totally lovable in the most irritating way. Greg plays the actor with a physical intensity that I love (but I just wish there was more why in the script to justify the extremeness of his action).

I laughed out loud a lot at this local, clever, cute and delightful show. If you are reading this today, go and see it tonight. Bam.


A modern, local, young and fresh vampire play, right around the corner from where I live! I went to see CLAN last night and it was vamp-tastic. Best play I’ve seen this year. It’s on at Theatre in the District, but only for a week, so if you want to be part of the inner circle of cool with style and meaning, and be surrounded by the hot young blood of the cast and crew, hurry and don’t get all Capetonian or you’ll miss it.

CLAN is the brainchild of Francesco Nassimbeni, who wrote and directs. It’s a huge cast of seven (in this day and age) and they are in no particular order, Richard Lothian (who I just completely love) Nicole Bailey (who I haven’t seen before but who was delicious), Gahlia Phillips (the beautiful), Armand Aucamp (the completely most delicious), Roxanne Blaise (doing the best and most fabulous work I’ve seen her do), Johann Vermaak (who is very funny) and Juliet Jenkin (who is totally power, quirky, perfect). That’s all I’m going to say about them individually because CLAN is pure teamwork, on every level.

It’s a great story, well rehearsed and developed. The simple set is brilliant. The cozzies are fabulous (except for the bras; my only niggle). The cast look and sound fantastic in the space. The huge high ceilings of the ex-chapel (I know!) and the massive chandelier are perfect. The lighting works. The choreography works. The characters are successful. The show captivates from the first word (and lighter) to the last. The music (did I hear Klaus Nomi; the immortal from my past?) is perfect. The combination of sexy, earnest, funny, loveable, is exactly what will make people (especially young disaffected non-theatre goers) want to see the show (more than once even) and be part of CLAN. Even I had a yearning to go clubbing and drinking (my friend’s blood).

You can book by email on (how can you resist it?) It costs R40. I kid you not. Really, you can’t get anything for R40.

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