It’s no secret that I have been in a rage since I came back from London, and it’s all been about how SA theatre is a badly treated, abused, neglected, barely tolerated, under supported, hideous cripple in the room that needs charity in order for it to keep making its last gasping breath. I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating here, but I promise you, I am not.

My latest preoccupation and cause of my rage is how Rose Red has struggled for an audience during its run at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Now, I saw this beautiful gem of a show on opening night and raved about it. I was not the only one. From what I remember everybody, from blog to newspaper, had only great things to say about this show. The story is accessible, the performances are superb, the direction is fantastic, the marketing has been great. So I keep asking myself, what’s the problem? Why has it been so roundly snubbed by potential audiences?

And actually, I don’t want to ask this shit anymore, I just want to dish out blame. Am I wasting my time? Are we all just wasting our time, trying to make beautiful work for nobody? Why haven’t people gone to see this beautiful show? Why? Please tell me. Tell me why you haven’t gone.