So every now and then I go on a trip through cyberspace, checking out my fave spots, blogs and other stuff. Today I found this on Salmagundi, a blog I love (mainly because Juno gave me such delicious and pithy support when the F and M saga hit meganshead). Anyhoo, there is this guy Donn who is being taken to court by one of those pathetic companies that lure you to a "prize-giving" to sell you time share. Apparently, bloggers can help by writing out in support of Donn. Which is what I’m doing. The guy, who wrote about his experience is now being taken to court by this huge company who is blaming him for loss of sales and damages and all sorts of other pathetic stuff.

Funny thing though, when I was in Goa in India about ten years ago I made friends with a Nigerian soccer player who was contracted to play in Bangladesh and was on holiday in India. We were given a card to go to a presentation, where we pretended to be married so that we could win a prize, and after three hours of backwardsing and forwardsing through lecture and demonstration, we won a free weekend, for two weeks after I left India!