I am about to propose the most hard-core, radical idea I have ever had. I am sure it is going to be considered truly outrageous and many will say it is cruel and heartless, but honestly, I can’t take the rhino poaching any more.

I can’t look at the pictures of these massive animals with their bloody and hacked faces. I can’t stomach the sight of them. I want to gag every time one of them is left alive after such a brutal attack. I am horrified and sickened every time another one  gets killed, and this news comes to us on a daily basis.

I have given up hope that there is an organisation or government or group that can combat this unbearable, ruthless, despicable scourge and I can’t imagine how we can turn the tide. I am deeply afraid that the killing of rhino will only come to an end when the last one has been killed. We are not saving these animals whose lives are in danger from the moment they grow a horn. We are not protecting them, however good our intentions are, and the odds are they will be slaughtered in the cruelest way until they are all dead.

So I propose we kill them all tomorrow. We have failed them and cannot guarantee their safety or a quality of life. Let’s kill them as swiftly and painlessly as possible and bury or burn their bodies. Let’s not leave one of them open to more pain, suffering, abuse and certain cruelty. Yes, there will be no more rhino on this planet and it will be our fault. All of us. But at least they will have been spared the hideous cruelty of humans forever more. I am not joking. I am deadly, horribly serious. I am desperate to change my mind, but nobody has given me a hint of hope that there is anything else that can be done. Humans don’t deserve them.