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I wrote a review of Shirley Kirchmann’s Catch when I saw it in Grahamstown. It was the superhero performance in the hell hole venue during a blackout where Shirley sang her own sound, performed her own voice overs and even spoke her lighting cues. And I loved it. This chick was hard core theatre through and through.

Last night it opened at The Kalk Bay Theatre so I took Big Friendly along. Unless it is my own work I hardly ever see a show twice. It’s not my thing. So, I confess, I did have mixed feelings about seeing it again, but I shouldn’t have. I was caught.

Catch is a one woman stand up/sketch show all about being single, and the trials, nightmares and agonies of breakups, dating and having to put yourself out there. And Shirley is totally on top of her game. I know she is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, and those that are offended by filthy mouthed, aggressive women who talk a lot about sex; maybe think twice. For me though, that’s Shirley’s success; talking through all the chick stuff in a brilliantly observed way (my friend Candice was cackling in the row behind me as she identified), but with the style and charge of any testosterone filled stand up. There is something rop and hectic and totally hilarious about her.

With the bells and whistles of sound and light and voice overs, the show was slick and fast. I personally find the character stuff of the matchmaker a bit long and repetitive, but the rest flashes by at the speed of an oncoming orgasm. Shirley is a power performer with great comic timing and she killed it.

Champion Catch

We all know that bringing a fringe show to the festival is hard. You have to get your own audiences. You have to pay through the arse to get yourself here. You have to wage war against the venues. You have to compete with Neil Diamond reviews and hypnotists. But today Shirley Kirchmann had to overcome a few odds to do her show, and it was amazing.

I could not find the damn Library Hall. I have been to it before but it is completely un signposted. When I finally got there it was so cold we all stood in a clump waiting for the doors to open so we could keep warm. But there was a problem; there was no electricity.  Shirley asked the few of us who were waiting if we were ok for her to do the unplugged version and we all said Yes!

This chick is a trooper, and a heroic and talented one too. She announced every sound and lighting cue. She sang her own sound track. She got her techies to join in, to the natural light of daythrough the windows and the constant grind/groan of the earthmover moving earth on the building site next door.

Those of us there loved her all the more. And her show is damn cool and funky and funny and wise. It is a half stand-up half character, half jokes show. It’s about being a single and on the dating scene, looking for love and being disillusioned. Shirley is rough and crude. I love it. She connects with her audience, She is full of energy. She is a dynamo of jokes and funny stuff.  And, truth be told, I laughed my heart out. Catch by Shirley Kirchmann rocked the house.

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