Today was an unusual day to fall in love. Everybody else in the world seemed busy complaining, or criticising (at least that’s what it looked like on Facebum and Twitterer), and there was a lot of mourning going on too; Jonah Lomu replaced Paris, but was quickly replaced by Nigeria (the world and its people are for sure going to hell in a hand basket) and my morning appointment was cancelled, and suddenly I had a free one. I decided to take my neglected and abused and filthy dog haired car to be cleaned; a big clean, while I shopped (for groceries, one of my worst).

And because it was going to take 2 hours, it was going to be a long shop; a surrender type shop, a stroll around and see what they have type shop. Which was just as well, because the PnP at the Gardens Centre is being renovated within an inch of its life. Not one single thing was where it used to be and other things had vanished. I crashed into a woman in one of the make-shift aisles and she looked at me in terror after we had narrowly avoided mowing each other down with our trolleys. “I can’t find any toothpaste,” she moaned. “None, nothing, nix.” I couldn’t help. I had no idea where any of the toiletries were.

Actually, I couldn’t find wasabi paste, tomatoes, oat bran or broccoli. Big Friendly is lucky. I found myself in front of the discount biscuits and got him two boxes of marked down Romany Creams. I hope they’re ok.

And then I fell in love with my cashier. She was a patient, kind and lovely human being, and she grinned from ear to ear as I stumbled over my isiXhosa. We had to shout over the drilling and angle grinding, but the complaining witch alongside us, who was being completely revolting to the cashier serving her, was louder than everyone. We shared a moment of hatred for this woman, who took the renovations so personally; they had fucked up her whole life by the sounds of it, and she was going to make her poor cashier pay. The more she screamed the closer she brought me and Nosipho. It’s the small things. We greeted and wished each other a lovely day, and we had made each other a little happier, and the world a little more bearable.

And, after chatting to the barista who made my coffee, and after buying fresh herbs to plant in a pot, and after sticking my nose into a dress shop, I finally made my way to the basement to get my car. And then I fell in love with the guy there too. Perfect service, total care, special treatment and a divine attitude. I could have kissed him. I left with a huge smile on my face. Falling in love is easy, even at the Gardens Centre, on a Thursday.