I can’t believe how long it has been since I jotted down my thoughts here, in this very public way. I confess that certain news events struck me dumb. I found them a bit all consuming, and irritating, and I didn’t want to say anything about them. Also, I have been on a bit of a theatre break. The last thing I saw was 3 Little Pigs (which I completely loved).

I miss writing here and it is amazing how quickly I get out of practice. This feels so self-conscious now. But, I need to break the drought so I will share some of the things I am enjoying and looking forward to.

1. The new improv course. It starts next week and I am amped to get into that head space. I love teaching improv they way I like to learn it; bold, fearless, crazy. Jill Bernard told us to ‘run faster than our fear’ and that’s how I like to do it. Get ready brave course attendants.

2. A clowning workshop. I have signed up for one at the end of March. How cool?

3. Xhosa course 2 with Xhosa Fundis. I love learning to thetha and it has changed how I live in Cape Town. I find it hard to explain how fundamental it is to be able to at least greet people in their mother tongue. I am rewarded with making the effort every day. When I cam e back to Cape Town from Prague I received a homecoming welcome of love, connection and heart, just because I could greet passport control and customs officials in isiXhosa. I can’t wait to gooi it during rehearsals.

4. I have tasted the bitter of disappointment and the sweet of excitement regarding my writing in the last couple of weeks. A short story I entered into the Short.Sharp competition was chosen as one to be included in an anthology of crime stories to be launched at the Grahamstown National Arts Fest, and my novel was finally rejected by the publishers. Life.

5. My puppies have grown into magnificent dogs and I spend far too much of my time loving them, because they are amazing.

Ah. Spell broken. Thanks.