Sonia Esguiera is kak funny. And that is why her new one woman show So You Think You Can Love that opened at Artscape’s Arena last night really works. It is kak funny. The content is nothing new. A girl wants to find a boyfriend, and get married and have babies. The people in her life; her mother, best friend, personal trainer, spiritual ‘guide’ etc, are equally desperate that she hooks up. But when she does, is it Mr Right, or Mr Right On?

The thing with Sonia is that she is very, very good. Her take on this all feels fresh and fun. Her comic timing is perfect, her characterisations are spot on, her emotional connection is strong, her physicality is great. But who cares about all of that? She is bladdy hilarious, and that’s why this show is the best way to spend an hour.

It helps that it is well directed (John Trengrove) and that the set (Angela Nemov) is gorgeous, simple and surprising (you can’t believe what is hidden in, under and behind it), but again, who cares? Sonia is kak funny. She could be standing on a pile of books and be reading the telephone book (do they still make telephone books?) and she would be that. Kak funny. So go see it, and laugh.