I have to admit that I don’t completely have my finger on the pulse of this year yet. I just don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, or when or how I’ll be doing it. It’s not entirely unusual, with me being a free-lancer, but compared to the hecticness of last year, I seem to be in a bit of a slow start. I got a diary two weeks into the month! I have only written down about four things.

The one certainty I have is TheatreSports, and I must say, we have gotten on to a groovy start. In fact I have just come back from our second Kalk Bay Theatre show tonight and I’m still a bit hyper with the lekker energy and fun of this evening’s performance. Firstly we were almost full, with a crowd of mainly TheatreSports virgins who had never been before. Then, we did some amazing games. My favourites were a scene on a Bolivian hillside involving a llama that had gone astray, a Radio Play (a scene played totally in the dark) called “Shine your Light”, set in 1955 and sponsored by Eskom, a disgusting East Enders type British soapie with British scum of the earth and a sprinkler, and finally a Vampire movie called “The White Board”.

The audience were rolling in the aisles and it was fantastic.

So, at least I know that every Monday and Tuesday night I am busy. Doing the best kind of stuff. For an audience.