I do believe we should all choose our battles. There are a few things I’ve accepted as my own personal mission (like hating EmptyN or Reeds Delta), doing my bit and recycling household waste, and being a pescetarian. I hate lots of stuff. I go nuts when dog walkers don’t pick up their dog’s poo, especially if they walk in the same place every day. I hate it when people (especially mineral water drinkers) leave their plastic bottles on the beach, unable to carry them the few meters to the garbage bins. I despise illegal dumping. There is a vacant plot in our road, and people drive there especially to throw their garbage over the fence. Go figure. I hate it when I get bad service and I equally hate it when customers are rude to people who serve them.

But I have a new crusade, and I’m about to go all out on this one. I cannot tolerate smokers who throw their lit butt ends out of their car windows. I am starting a campaign to out them. On Tuesday night I saw two cars with drivers who just tossed their stompies out the window, and one of them was a cop van! I am certain it’s illegal.Let me know if you have any bright ideas or ways of getting these disgusting idiots.