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Living London Theatre

I have no idea how to explain my week here in words. Every day from early to late has been so full of inspiration, learning, excitement, belonging, strangeness, support, encouragement, passion, laughing, and achievement. I have seen brilliant theatre (War Horse, Comedy of Errors, One Man, Two Guvnors) and worked with extraordinary people. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith directed the 10 minute extract of The Tent, with the amazing cast of Doraly Rosa, Olayinka Giwa, Richard Cordery, David Webber, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Chris Brandon.

The National Theatre Studio family of Mark, Sarah, Matthew, Rebecca, Sophie, John and Racheli made sure that nothing was impossible and showered us with love and attention. Clare (who works at The National Theatre but was deeply involved in the project) was heroic. Lucas, whose dream this whole project was, was unbelievable; proud, happy, emotional. So was Carol, from the Arterial Network.

We six writers were treated like stars. It was unbelievable. I believe that this is only the beginning of the project. Our plays are all going to live beyond this moment. I am very excited. I am turning my head (a little reluctantly) to home, and trying to think how to become as good there.

Have technology will travel

I am still awe struck every time I haul out my lappie at the airport and connect to the world. I am at the departure gate, ready (I am a teeny bit early) to go to London and do the dramaturgy workshop at the National Theatre Studio. I know, I know. I can’t stop going on about it, but I feel so lucky, and flippen honoured and very proud. Thanks for the love, support, beautiful words and all the good vibes sent my way. See you on the other side.

Putting The Tent up at The National Theatre Studio

Warning; this post includes trumpet blowing of the worst personal kind. I am finding it hard not to glow and radiate with excitement about my upcoming trip to The National Theatre Studio in London for a week of workshopping (and other amazing theatre stuff). This week I received an email describing the plan and our agenda. On Monday and Tuesday there will be introductions and we will get to see plays (awesome). From Wednesday to Friday we will work with our designated directors and actors on rehearsing and then performing a ten minute extract from each of the six plays. These extracts will be performed to an invited audience of theatre people; producers, directors, management. I can hardly believe it.

Then I received an email from the director who will be working on the extract of The Tent. He is Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. Check him out here on youtube. He seems really inspired by the play. Honestly, I am blown away by this opportunity. Here is a reminder picture from the production we mounted at Artscape in 2009.

The Tent revisited

While I have always quietly held onto the fact that The Tent was a good play, I had to contend with the usual hard knocks of rejection when it came to staging it again, after the initial commitment and funding that Artscape and the New Writing Programme gave it in 2009.

It being chosen as one of the finalists in the Projecto 34 degrees South Theatre in Translation project was fantastic. Last night though, I received an email from The National Theatre Studio in London letting me know that The Tent had been chosen (from hundreds of submissions) as one of the finalists in their call for African plays. I have been invited to London for a week, to spend time with the other playwrights and to attend a dramaturgy (I am better at spelling that than saying it!) workshop. I am so excited, and deeply proud. Oh dear, this is starting to sound like an award speech. Honestly though, I have a lot of people to thank for believing in this play and getting it out there. Mostly, there is Alfred Rietmann. Alfred, thank you.


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