I swear, if it wasn’t for Big Friendly I would be a forty something music heathen; one of those people who last bought and listened to music in the early nineties. He is amazing. If I say I like the sound of something he’ll find out the who, where, when and how for me, even if it’s an obscure song, in a soundtrack of a movie.

Last night we were channel surfing and we watched a bit of Jools Holland. There was this amazing, weird band with the lead singer singing in English and Italian, a piano accordion player and strange percussion, and it was fantastic. I heard a weird Russian sounding name. That’s all I had to go on, and off Big Friendly went, to find me the band. Not two minutes later he was introducing me to Devotchka, my new favourite band.

They are described in Wikkipedia as a four-piece      multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that  fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi music  with American punk and folk roots. How brilliant?

I feel like I am being musically reeducated. There is  so much stuff out there that I am discovering,  connecting with and absolutely loving. It’s  inspiring. Music has a way of going directly to the  heart and soul, and this kind of music speaks a very  ancient soul language to me.

Big Friendly also introduced me to Wolfmother, an  Aussie Rock band with good vocals and a nice clean  rock sound. Now I just have to get over calling them  Motherwolf, in that embarrassing totally uncool way that old people mess up the names of bands, the interweb, movie titles and other hip cool stuff!