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Damn Cricket

Big Friendly and I watched and listened to most of the damn cricket yesterday with that special sinking feeling reserved for the Proteas in a world cup scenario. And I have a conspiracy theory brewing that is round about the same size as the Hansie saga. They threw the game. It is the only explanation that I can come up with for what seemed to have happened.

Obviously, things go wrong on the day. That’s cricket. But when it is a long list of terrible I get that Hansie feeling. Bad and unlucky batting can happen to any team on any day, but really AB, what were you saving yourself for in the batting innings? And then please explain the Morkel over that killed us when clearly the spinners were up for doing the job?

I listened with growing dismay to radio 2000 as Peter Kirsten got more and more emotional about the bad decisions and their results. Eish, that loss hurt. And the worst part is that it’s all too familiar in a world cup scene.

Mario on the Stormers’ Win

I am in a mood at the moment; waking up with little video ideas and then shooting them. I find them funny. Let me know what you think. Here’s today’s one.

Proteas on shaky ground

Big Friendly will be upset with me for this post. And Brett too. Most cricket lovers I know want to support the Proteas through thick and thin; marriage kind of supporters. I get accused of blowing hot and cold; and I do, depending on the state of our National team, and right now I am pretty nervous.

The World Cup starts in a month’s time in India. And, once again I think the Proteas are nowhere near ready. Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than for the Proteas to win a WC, but it would be so great feeling like they were going into it with a well rounded, experienced and confident team who would put their best foot forward. Instead, I think we are going to have to rely on quite a bit of luck, things ‘going their way’ and lucky charms, prayers and talismans.

Yesterday’s decider against India is a case in point (‘scuse the pun). Just when it seemed that the Proteas had it in the bag, in both the batting and bowling innings, they went mad! Four wickets fell while I was blowing my nose. Pathan scored a 100 and almost threw the pathetic Duckworth Lewis total decided for India for a loop! It was chaos out there man! Everyone is so erratic. If Amla has a good day he makes a 100, if he doesn’t he is out for single digits. Morne Morkel scores a wicket with his one hand, misses a catch with his other, then performs a “giraffe” catch that saves the day! The fielding goes from brilliant (Biff’s catch yesterday was superb and so was Faf du Plessis’ one) to weak, in the same over!

I am so, so nervous. Anything can happen with this team. And I am so confused. I wish I was just a little surer.


I was delighted when I heard one of the Cape Town tourism people talk about an ‘afterglow’ instead of a hangover that Cape Town was experiencing after the mafifa World Cup. I loved the idea; it sounded positive and sustainable. But it seems the afterglow has turned into a hangover.

The WC month was nothing short of miraculous in many ways. South Africans were on their best behaviour. We all listened when Zuma asked us to behave! There wasn’t a peep from Mal-enema, embarrassing us with his usual uncontrolable spewage. Our politicians, in general, kept a low profile and were mostly polite for a change. On the ground, people made a brilliant effort to be friendly, engaging, hospitable and patriotic. Our TV screens were filled with colour, music and feel-good stories. Vuvuzelas were a global hit. Our cities looked magnificent and our stadia were commented on in glowing terms. Special courts dealt with crimes, special traffic cops managed congestion and we all seemed to follow all the rules so much better.  We really put on a great, glamourous show while the world watched.

But now that the cameras are no longer on us we seem to be sliding into that murky, messy ‘nobody’s watching’ behaviour. We seem to be taking the WC out of the World Cup. The streets are grimy again. Taxis are driving in the yellow lane. Mal-enema is back. The DA is accusing, the foreigners are fleeing, civil servants are threatening to strike. You know; the usual. We are probably no different from most countries in the world.

But for that month…

The Difference

There is a march against xenophobia on Sunday, at 10am, from the St George’s Cathedral along what used to be the fan walk during the World Cup. I think that if anyone is having doubts about how to put their 67 minutes of service into action this would be a good way.

The other day Ridi Direko was on the radio talking about xenophobia and a psychologist called in to explain how the term was being used incorrectly. Xenophobia is an irrational fear of foreigners. It is like other phobias; claustrophobia, arachnophobia, agoraphobia. What is important here is that it is one, irrational and two, a fear. What is happening in South Africa is outrageous, out of control, anger driven hatred against foreigners, that results in action which is racist. It is unrealistic to believe that all these South Africans are suffering from a phobia. Let’s call a spade a spade. They are racists who are acting out.

Why this is important is because I believe that they need to be dealt with as such. We have an extraordinary constitution that, in principle at least, protects every race, gender, colour, culture and nationality and outlaws any form of discrimination. This kind of racist attack needs to be responded to with haste and severity. There can be no excusing or tolerating or justifying or downplaying this kind of thing. We need to name and shame. We need to be vigilant, aware and absolutely clear. And anyone caught doing anything, from name calling, bullying and shouting, to any physical violence, must feel the full might of the law.

Let’s say what this thing is. And let us be clear that it is not acceptable.

Prayer for Tolerance

On this last day of showing the world how beautiful

friendly and kind

Colourful and crazy

Generous and supporting

South Africans are, and can be.

On this last day

I am praying.

Hard and fervently I am praying

and making a call at the same time.

I am writing it and saying it.

I am praying and even begging

that not one person in this country does something

to somebody who isn’t originally from here.

Please. Let us all get ready to stop it from happening.

We are armed with good feeling.

We are padded with pride.

We are forewarned with reality.

Now, let us protect these lives,

from nations we loved when they were playing soccer.

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