So Big Friendly sent me a link to a blog thinking I’d be interested in his take on writing theatre reviews. His take was okayish. Here’s what he thinks about it. I agree with bits, but basically I think it’s a bit wishy washy. I don’t think his writing would propel me to the theatre, or keep me away.

From that post I went to his home page. Bad idea. There is that awful spelling mistake in his post title, which made me go all hysterical. I mean, it’s a spelling mistake and an apostrophe omission in the same word, ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. I should have known, and read no further. But in the third line of the post, the judges where happy. I kid you not. Now I know there are lots of people who can’t do ‘where’ and ‘were’, but they ask. It’s not okay for a blogger, who is writing about important stuff like theatre to get that one wrong.

I need to make it clear that I’m not being a priss and that I understand the informality of blogging styles. I know that bloggers make typos and use quirky language and slang. But where and were, and your and you’re. Hai bo. No.