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The Great American Trump Horror Festival

(A South African perspective of the American election)

It is the Sunday before the US elections and I am entirely over invested in it. I watch MSNBC on Youtube like a crack addict. I watch like I’m rubbernecking a multi-car pile up in slow motion. I watch with a Cassandra like gloom that nobody believed Trump could win the last time and the same people believe (with only slightly more fervour and commitment) that he cannot win again.

The reality, the sickening, gruesome, painful reality is that in so many states the race between pure evil and lies, and a caring human being is neck and neck. What this means is that there are people in USA who have, do and will vote for the sociopathic, idiotic, narcissistic, thieving, lying scumbag that Trump is. Why? Why would another human being choose evil? Why have Trump and his sycophantic, parasitic arse creeping team got this far? Why do the media, the legal system, the writers, the debate organisers, the advertisers buy in to the false notion that rules can be followed?

It is clear that Trump does not adhere to a single rule or uphold a single moral standard. He has said it himself. He is a racist, misogynist, derelict, abusive, violent, self serving dictator who has done nothing for the American people at large and has protected the interests only of the super wealthy and other world dictators. This isn’t a secret. This is what he has done. So why are people, however shyly, admitting to having voted for him again? This should not be a tight race. There should not be battleground states. There should not be cavalcades of Nazi reminiscent, armed and violent white supremacists driving through the cities. What the actual is happening there?

Yes, I know the Republicans have jimmied the elections with the electoral vote. Yes, I know that they have thrown massive stumbling blocks to force the election to go their way – post office debacles, ballot point reductions, threats of voter day violence, spreading the false threat of socialism (as if), but how could even the Republicans want this batshit crazy blot on their usual ‘moral code’ to win?

Trump has granted permission for every American who has had a fear, or a moment of greed, or deep sense of entitlement to be their absolutely worst selves, and many (almost half) have chosen to be this rather than to be a decent human being. And I am sickened by it.

My 2c worth? I think Trump is going to win this election, or steal it. He is not playing by the usual rules and nobody is challenging him. The system is already broken. Welcome to the Divided States of America.

Improv for Life

It’s no secret that I took a big knock to my confidence at the festival of hard lessons. It was a blow to all facets of my creative self; writing, performing, directing, networking, publicising, selling. I knew with the passion of all that I hold dear that the work I had made was absolutely good, and I grew to understand that there was very little audience for it. Hard knocks.

It has taken me a while to recover. Part of that process has been the writing of a new play and a new short story; work I am partly very proud of and partly totally insecure about. Who knows if it is any good? It’s a lot like getting back onto the bicycle after a massive tumble and blow to the head. Actually, I remember coming off my brother’s bike and scraping my knees to shit on the gravel driveway when I was about eight or nine, and never getting back onto one again, so for me the analogy is particularly poignant.

The other part of the recovery process has been improv, and that part has been entirely, magnificently successful. And that is because improv is a positive life force.

On the weekend I was one of many actors involved in the shooting of a developmental movie (to become the pitch for a real, full length feature). What was fantastic about it was that we could come up with our own characters, back stories, circumstances and scenarios, and then we could improvise our scenes. This was right up my alley (and in fact, one of my little scenes was in a kind of alley). I don’t want to give away any of the story or who I was or what I did, but I loved the opportunity to create, improvise and make offers and proposals that were accepted with such a positive response.

And then, of course, there are our Monday (The Intimate) and Tuesday (The Kalk Bay Theatre) shows, monthly workshops, monthly Jam Sandwich experiments at Alexander Bar, and our weekly classes. Improv is mind blowing. It is proper team work. It is absolute creativity. It is hard and exciting, and easy and hilarious and heartbreakingly beautiful, and totally irreverent and rude, and outrageous, and huge and boisterous, and whacky and precious. It is brilliant to watch; last night I emceed a fantastic show where some of the scenes were absolute masterpieces. It is awesome to perform; last week I played in a scene that will stay with me forever, where Leon Clingman and I performed a game called Shared Memory Story and we were husband and wife philosophers on a skiing trip where something happened to an actual rectum apparent. Yes. It was one of those unexplainable little improv miracles. I love teaching improv, and giving notes. I love my response to it and I love seeing it in others. And I love our audiences. I love them. I love improv as a philosophy with its Yes Let’s answer to everything, and its You Can’t Fuck Up theory. I love spreading the word of improv and I love just doing it for its own sake. My little youtube moments are a great example of when improv just comes to me.

I really enjoy the challenge of writing, performing straight (scripted) theatre, and directing. All of it is part of my craft. But I go home to my heart love when I am improvising.

Best procrastination result ever



My boet always complains that his wife and his sister are the only two women in the world who can’t multitask. I can’t speak for my gorgeous, talented and amazing sister-in-law, but it really is true for me. I need to do things one at a time. I can’t even be on my laptop (or phone) in a random way and have a conversation with Big Friendly. It makes him mental. I can be mid-sentence and my phone (or the stove, or the door, or the TV) will ping, and instantly I will be distracted and lose my train of thought. I even find it hard to work on different projects at the same time. One seems to occupy all the ‘project’ space in my brain, and I struggle to keep thoughts of the other stuff on board. It’s as if they get squeezed and jostled by the big fat dominant one on duty at the time.

Also, I have been struggling with flu this week and weekend and it has meant that work wise I have been forced to do the minimum required before dragging myself back to bed. This has also meant that my writing, making little videos and all the other bits and pieces I do have lapsed a bit. So I have been on facebook and twitter, a lot. Are they not the most arbitrary, fun and useless time wasters?

One of the most amazing things about now time is how rehearsals have changed. Four out of five of my cast have Blackberrys, and whenever they are off-stage they are BBM’ing, tweeting, or facebook messaging; sometimes even to me, sitting right there in the rehearsal room. We watch videos on youtube, share jokes that are flying through the ethernet,  pass on download info and even google stuff to just make sure.

But for me it is hard. I need to to one thing, or the other. So if I get sucked in to a message on my phone I get spat out of what ever else it is I should be doing, like watching my rehearsal, or following the text. It’s almost as if I leave an energetic black hole where I was, and then have to come back to it, but time is lost. It feels like all of present tense is changing, and we are all less ‘in’ the actual moment. Well, I certainly am. I am going to have to factor in phone down time. Tomorrow.

2010 World Cup meganshead style

One of the upsides of having a job related to the 2010 World Cup is that I am finding out some amazing things. I am doing quite intense research and am full of facts, figures and interesting bits and pieces, giving me huge insight into a world I know little about. The great visuals on youtube are really inspiring, but it’s the music I have fallen in love with! My absolute favourite is Algerian Cheb Bilal’s Bafana song. I love Arab/Middle East/North African music with a passion, and this one is a classic; and it’s called Bafana.

I also love Shakira’s official Waka Waka, and Kelly Rowland’s MTN song.

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