It needs to be stated that last night’s show at The Kalk Bay Theatre was terrific. We were full, the team was on form and a great time was had by all. Yeee haaa! We had a standing ovation from a tough crowd and we were most pleased with ourselves. I emceed last night so I got to watch and laugh my head off. Classic moments of the show included Tandi’s bat, whose sonar was on the blink, making her crash into a pole, Candice, Ryan and Jess’s Western Opera, and the whole group’s reggae finale "Does your pumpkin grow, does it swing high or hang low?"

We are gearing up for a TheatreSports weekend. Tandi and Jess finish teaching the new TheatreSports training course and we have a Gala Charity Performance of TheatreSports on Sunday night at The Kalk Bay Theatre at 20h00. All the proceeds are going to The Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Tickets cost R150 for the show and pasta or R100 for the show only. Get hold of me if you want to book seats.