Last night I went with the 6 member cast I had directed in a piece (or rather many small pieces) of industrial theatre onto site to watch and monitor their performance. It was one of those totally surreal and extraordinary times that make me love what I do and wonder at the strangeness of it.

We left the producer’s house at six in the evening and got onto the gas refinery plant before seven. The actors have been employed to perform ‘safety moments’ for awareness and to improve morale during a very difficult and intense phase of work there. Last night they were performing to the night shift. Sound mad? You have no idea. And no idea how brilliant and effective the work is. The actors perform at meetings and gatherings, delivering their message. They are loved all over and there is such warmth and acknowledgement and thanks. Talk about a brilliant audience! The actors spend time on the plant. They are like minor celebrities. The message is delivered a hundred times over and it makes a difference.

On the way back home, with the lights of the plant shining behind us like a weird old fashioned science fiction space station I was proud of the work I had done. And delighted to be a part of it.