The first test against the English has been more poep than pop! Ashwell Prince has been the only flickering light; he has just scored a century to bring the Poepteas to a massive 244/8 while England declared at 593/8. I guess there’s no question about the Poeps having to follow on.

While the Poepteas were bowling I thought, wow, it really feels like we don’t have enough bowlers. Now that they are literally falling to pieces while batting, I’m like, there’s no-one to bat! Oh no! Ashwell has just gone!

At least Big Friendly is in a good mood after this morning’s Springbok win against the All Blacks in what Big Friendly called The House of Pain. He was referring to the ground in new Zealand where the All Blacks have hardly ever lost. He’s feeling great. I’m not. I really am disappointed by the cricket team.