I am excited and nervous. I start two days of auditioning today, for a play I wrote called The Tent. I originally submitted it to one of PANSA‘s play writing competitions, which took forever to happen, and when it did, my play got a kind of special mention. It wasn’t a great feeling. But I persevered, and submitted it to Artscape for their annual New Writing Programme’s fourth Spring Drama Season this year. The play has been given a showcase, which means I get to cast it, rehearse it for two weeks and we get four performances on 5 and 6 December. So it’s a bit like a chance to see if the piece really can work on stage. Then it’ll get it’s own proper slot in next year’s season, I hope.

I am particularly proud of the script, which is South African and strange. And I’m really looking forward to the possibilities that the actors will bring to the characters, issues and stories. But it is a weird feeling holding auditions. I know what it’s like from both sides, and it is weird. I am going to be seeing people I know well and have worked with before. I am going to be seeing people I admire and look up to. I am going to be seeing people who I don’t know, and people who I already have an innate intuition about. And they will be seeing me, and my work will be out there. DSC00322

PS. If there is anyone out there reading this whose agent didn’t ask them if they wanted to come and meet me for an audition (and there are lots of people my own agent hasn’t told!) please let me know. I’ll tell you if there is a part for you and we can arrange a time.

Here is a breakdown of what I’m looking for:

Ruth: A white South African woman of indiscriminate background. In her forties. She is ordinary, sickly, and has an ‘other-worldly’ quality because she is psychic.

Samson: A well built black man from Zimbabwe. In his thirties. He is big, silent and gentle. He watches. He is beautiful and sad.

The Boss: Willem, the white owner of the garage. He is in his early thirties, conservative, hard on the outside, complicated and insecure, and constantly afraid of what people might think, which makes him a bit aggressive.

2 x young white males who need to be versatile and physical (new graduates would be good)

1 x white female in her thirties