Eish. Hectic. People are just not going to see stuff hey? I thought we were in a slump with Monday night Theatresports at The Intimate, but it seems audience members are rarer than hen’s teeth pretty much everywhere excepting for The Lion King (which has apparently been extended again!).

Last night I dragged Big Friendly away from the rugby. Our conversation:

M: I know it’s world cup, but it’s Heather Mac.

BF: Ja, but it’s the Bokke!

M: Ja, but they’re playing AMERICA!

BF: Ja, but still, it’s the world cup!

M: But the Bokke are already through to the watchamacallits!

BF: Ja, but it’s the world cup!

Then I heard the security gate slam into the wall from the wind. And the last thing I felt like doing was leaving the house on a howling Sunday night. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. At least we got there! There were about 20 of us in total in the Labia 1, the big, old one. Shocking. And I have seen tons of publicity for the gigs and I know how hard Heather worked to rustle up an audience.

I was delighted that they decided to go on and play, especially for us. It was lovely. Heather Mac fronts The Brills, and is brilliantly backed up by her husband  Mark Harris who is genius on acoustic guitar, Ian Cohen (oh best SA band Bright Blue) on acoustic base guitar and Tonia Selley on percussion and back up vocals.

Part hectic nostalgia, part total revamp of old songs, and sprinkled with one or two exciting new possibilities, The Brills brings us pure Heather Mac vocal genius. Big Friendly and I sat through their twosetssqueezedintoone delighted. I even shed a nostalgic tear or two, thinking about the ole days and friends lost.

What a shame then that there weren’t more bodies there to love it (and they would have). It is SO hard. And heart breaking. Come on! Get out there. Support stuff. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m going to sit somewhere and sulk for the morning!