Last night I hooked up with a very old friend, Peter Hayes, who hosted a bit of a reunion for a mutual friend who is visiting from overseas. We haven’t been much in each other’s lives the last while but it took five minutes for old blood to flow like it used to. When we were joined by another friend of the visitor we started threading and looping how we all knew each other. I know this happens in Cape Town a lot, but following the threads to where they connected last night was so filled with synchronicity. We worked out that M had been brought along by a friend to the opening night of The Return of The Rhino Woman, a play I had written and performed, with Peter directing, at The Coffee Lounge, in 1997! She had come with L, who met Peter that night and they went on to have a long relationship.

The Return of The Rhino Woman was the sequel to The Rhino Woman; both plays about love, and audiences, and pain. And I guess The Deep Red Sea is the third in the trilogy. So I feel like I am spinning closed the circles again, and sending them out, in this life of friends and connections and remembering, then creating.