Our friends J and N had their combined birthday celebrations last night at the Why Not art bar(?) just off Dunkley Square. Weirdest place I’ve been to in a while. It was so nice to hang out with some friends and shoot the breeze and drink a bit too much red wine and take my mind off work for the evening.

Big Friendly wasn’t too excited about going in the first place; he was hysterical about missing a rugby world cup semi match. There was a bit of moaning and wingeing before we left the house. Luckily, Big Friendly and C managed to find a bar very close by and they disappeared for most of the evening and came back elated that France had won.

I remembered to drink about half a litre of water before I went to bed, which has meant only the mildest of hangovers on this freezing, wet, winter morning in Cape Town in OCTOBER!

I am only rehearsing for two hours today. Yay. Big Friendly has organised a rugby party here this afternoon.

The dogs don’t understand rain and can’t understand why they haven’t been accommodated on their stomp yet this morning.