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The Kindness of Friends and Neighbours

I walked through thick fog yesterday. My heart was sore, and I felt vulnerable and exposed. And then my friends reached out with the kindest comments, calls, messages, voice notes, virtual hugs and expressions of love and support. Thank you. All of you.

Because of the fog, a long and emotional rehearsal, a tension headache and insomnia induced tiredness I did not notice anything when I came home late in the afternoon.

My neighbour Anwar waved from his stoep and I thought he was just saying hello. Then he came over. He had FIXED MY GATE. I had mentioned the no longer closing, rotting wooden gate to him on Monday and asked him to keep an eye out on his travels for a replacement gate. Instead, while I was away, he fixed it, glued it, attached two strong and perfect pieces of wood onto it and changed the position of the latch so it swings closed with no effort.

I am so grateful. I am so moved. I feel lucky and seen and I am full up with love for the beautiful things people do.


Graham Weir


Saving Megan’s Head


  1. Wow! What a gift. What a community. Love this Megs… keep on!

  2. Trevor

    You deserve it.

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