Big Friendly insists I keep up to date with news of the Poepteas but it is hard, considering their unbelievably dismal and dreary performance yesterday. The Black Caps slaughtered the Poeps in a 7 wicket victory as if it was just another day at the office for them. Now, I know they needed the win after losing everything but their pants in the tests and the 20/20 and the first ODI, but the last two Poeps wins were nail biting affairs that could have gone either way. Last night’s game was a slaughter. Eish.

Now, everyone (except the obscure selectors) asks, where the bloody hell was our best bowler Dale Steyn? Honestly, I am in hysterics! We have a brilliant new bowler who kicked Black Cap Butt and where is he? On the bench. As a substitute on the field he made the run out of Mc Cullum. I ask you.