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the power of me

If only I could take the credit! But honestly, it feels like my one good moan about the boringness of the world cup and the excitement police have jumped into action. The first upset was baby Bangladesh (whose team has two teeenagers) whupping India. The second and bigger upset was Ireland (could you BELIEVE it?) whupping Pakistan and sending them HOME! Pakistan were whupped by the Windies in the opening game. So goodbye and good luck to one of the world’s hugest one day teams. So, things are looking more interesting, I have to say.

Pity I can’t say the same for the boringness of Cape Town theatre. Things must be bad when Brent Meersman has to review a show not only ABOUT but actually CALLED ‘Menopause’. Not for this somebody. And hopefully, with the onset of my own menopause, I will be restrained by Big Friendly from SINGING about it.

So go and see Songs My Lover Forgot to Sing Me at the Kalk Bay Theatre tonight, or come to TheatreSports on Monday or Tuesday. And don’t forget to see The Dog’s Bollocks before it ends.


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  1. Godfrey

    Menapause – The Musical has inspired me to write Erectile Dysfuntion – The Opera.or maybe even Hot Flushes – The Ballet.

  2. megan

    You give me inspiration! Why stop there? “Childbirth, We’ll sing you through it!”
    “Heroin addiction. Songs to numb the pain.” I could go on and on.

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