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the power of positive theatre(sports)

Yesterday, four of us flew to Jozi, hopped in the hired Toyota, drove to Muldersdrift and performed a tiny improv show for 16 marketing execs who were holding their end of year function. What a lovely time we all had. It was an intimate affair, with them sitting in a teeny semi-circle around us and us nearly on their laps. We had time to have conversations and to laugh and tease each other in between playing improv games. They relaxed and laughed and just stayed in the moment.

After the show we went off to our lovely guest house and slept, woke up and had breakfast on the stoep in the rain, and hopped back to the airport to come home.

We four laughed for almost the whole time that we were away. It was fabulous.






  1. beilla gans

    And you get paid for that? Tante B

  2. megan

    Yep! Could you believe it?

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