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The show that wasn’t

Sometimes it’s just like that. Last night’s TheatreSports just wasn’t any fun for us. I must be honest; the small audience thought it was a good one and really clapped and showed appreciation (although at least half of them were foreign language students with about seven words of Engreesh between them). But I struggled on stage. We struggled. We struggled to communicate and we struggled to listen. Mostly, we struggled to let go of our own agendas and follow somebody else’s idea. This is a cornerstone of improvisation philosophy. Unless you are 100% prepared to give up what you were thinking and go with somebody else’s idea the scene will become a conflict and a power struggle. The whole point is to work to resolve things.

One of the reasons I felt so deflated after last night’s show is because I have had such a great time in the last while teaching improvisation to a variety of different groups. On Sunday morning I coached the members participating in the new TheatreSports improvisation course and we just rocked. I was so inspired and elated with the energy that was in that room. I felt so connected; to the participants, to my work, to my philosophy and to my tiny place in the universe of "making it up". So I suppose it is only natural that I needed to be put in my place a bit last night. And I was. Resoundingly. I’m still bruised from the force. Good thing is, I’ll dust my bum off and get to The Kalk Bay Theatre tonight and try again.


Dave Ferguson rocks (and rolls and blues)


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  1. The day after…

    … finishing the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo designed a Kak menu for a local eateria,

    … completing the Mona, Leonardo failed matric,

    … wrapping R & J up, Shakespeare lost the Booker Prize to another bard,

    … finale’ing the 9th. Beethoven switched off his hearing aid,

    … surviving the great underwater escape, Houdini locked his keys in his car.

    It’s the ups and downs of art, that’s why it’s done by people, skilful thespians with human hearts and human arts. Today – rest, tomorrow – Shosholoza!!

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