I’ve already mentioned The Banana Show and Junkie so I won’t say more about them. I really didn’t see much at all, but nothing blew me away (except for Pieter Hugo’s photographs and Liora Farber’s Dislocation-Relocation exhibition).

21st Century Animal, a multi-media/dance performance directed by Julia Raynam, was very beautiful and evocative. I enjoyed watching most of it. Dance is not my thing however, and even though I appreciated it I wasn’t moved.

I took Big Friendly to see Joe Barber. He hadn’t seen them before. David Isaacs and Oscar Petersen are fantastic. I love them on stage. But. I was a little bored. Maybe I was suffering from G’town fatigue. Fresh and new it is not.

Peter Hayes’ other piece at the festival was The Tricky Part, a memoir of actor Martin Moran. This show has garnered rave reviews (and bigger audiences) since appearing at the fest last year. And I was bored. I tried. But.

The last show we saw was Die Afrikaner 300, Jaci (directing) and Gys de Villiers telling the history of the Afrikaner in cabaret in an hour. Sweet. Well rehearsed and polished but. I was a bit bored.

There was a lot I wanted to see and couldn’t. I was too busy. I still want to see Louw Venter’s Out of Time. I want to see Tin Bucket Drum. And a lot of the stuff on the main. I’ll have to do it out of festival time though. I heard Jutro was good, Blackbird, Dream of a Dog, Cargo.