I couldn’t stay asleep last night. Every single thing that I need to do in this lifetime decided to come into my brain. As the one thing left, there was a new thing in its place. It stacked up to quite a lot of things. I imagine it’s going to be an interesting day. We are really in a sort of crunch time with The Tent rehearsals. By the end of today, all character, dynamic, emotional work must be locked off and set, because from tomorrow we start getting technical.

I am in an excited state of panic. By the end of every day I am beyond exhaustion, and then I wake up at about three in the morning and it’s over. What this has also meant is that, aside from TheatreSports commitments and performances, I have had a one tracked mind, and haven’t been able to go and see anything else theatrical.

I can’t wait for next week, when The Tent finally opens. That brings with it new feelings of total hysteria, but at least it will be of the ‘no going back’ kind.

TENT E-Leaflet 002