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The Susan Boyle Saga

14881456_susanboyl_225x300 Come on! No really. Come On!! I can’t take it anymore. If another person sends me the Susan Boyle link or posts it on my facebum wall with a post script of how they wept when they watched it, I am actually going to puke! What’s wrong with you people? Surely you know how ‘reality TV’ works?

The creation of Susan Boyle is strictly according to formula. The squint, snaggle-toothed, dumpling guy, Paul Potts (for goodness sake!) who won the last time; the cell phone salesman who sang a soppy Nessun Dorma? Join the dots people! He made the show famous. He upped the viewer numbers by billions. He was the cash cow. Susan Boyle is him repeated. Just  a different sex, different song and only one eyebrow.

Why do I have to spell it out for everybody? Why do rational thinking, clever people with degrees and deep understanding of human behaviour act like such totally gullible moegoes when it comes to this kind of hoodwinking? Haven’t you read Ben Elton‘s Chart Throb?

Surely some of you have known people who have auditioned for Idols, or even worked on the show? Without going into detail, you must know that there is absolutely nothing ‘real’ about this kind of reality TV. It preys on the unfortunate looking, the abused and downtrodden, and will manufacture a puppet to fit the profile. Enough.

My opinion? An unfortunate looking, not very bright spinster was unearthed. Thank the producers she could hold a note. “Yippee. We’ve got a winner!” ” Wait, maybe if we dump her in the semi finals we’ll get more viewers!”




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  1. The Saint

    Maybe but it’s damn good television, it’s damn good imagery, it’s damn good entertainment, it’s damn good romance and it’s damn good for my spirits as I want to believe that she’ll get a break. And I cried when I saw it.

  2. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    …….Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ………..
    Tante B

  3. The Saint

    And it’s better seeing this than hearing/watching all that crap about a little slapper called Jade Goody

  4. Brenton

    I’m with The Saint on this one.

  5. Amanda

    Were you the kind of kid that ran around telling all the other kids that the Easter Bunny just got knocked over on the N2?

  6. LOL. Like Martin Amis had the guy say in London Fields, “TV, innit?” Still, you’ve got to hand it to them, it does what it says on the can. Had a lump in my throat watching it. The same lump elicited, to my great annoyance and embarrassment, by some banking ads at the cinema. Marketing teams, they’re evil, man.

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