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The swearing in party

Call me a party-pooper but wouldn’t it be nice, for once, if a president in waiting said, “Hang on! Let’s do a virtual inauguration ceremony. Come to my office all camera crews and we’ll broadcast the thing globally. Foreign dignitaries, don’t use your country’s tax money on flights; rather let us donate it to a South African environmental awareness programme. We’ll use all the money we save on entertainment and put it towards the arts and culture of the land. All catering costs will be used instead on the schools’ failing feeding scheme. All personal clothing budgets that would have been spent can be donated, in my name, to the homeless. I’m on a roll here. Let the cars and blue light brigades and security staff and drivers all go out on that day and do community work; helping people get to clinics and schools. Oh wait, all the policemen and traffic cops that would have been at the event could also go out and do their real jobs of being in the community and policing and trafficking (oh no, we don’t want that usual bidniz!). Let the judges spend the day in backed up court rooms. Let the politicians stay in their offices and do a bit of work on that day.”

Then he could say, “You know what? Thinking about all that stuff makes me realise that being the president doesn’t make me the most important person in the land, it just means I have the most important job. Let’s get to work right away.”

Wouldn’t it be nice for once?


Magical Stuart Lightbody


Loving an audience


  1. The Saint

    Alioce : “It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change. ” This does.

  2. Margie

    Two words: swine flu

  3. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    Pollyanna or Mrs. Scrooge a la Ikrismis Kherol ?

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