So, I have managed to squeeze my arse onto Mr KapeTown (Soli Philander)’s online radio show, The Taxi. Every Monday at 1030 I will join him to talk about theatre in Cape Town and to urge people to support local, live talent in our city. In a slight departure from my usual out and out honesty that you will always find here, I will be looking for and recommending  the stuff I love. I am really excited about this. One of the things we absolutely can do in this industry is to all try our hardest to get people to go. Mostly, when people finally manage to get to a live show (sometimes for the first time) they can’t believe how amazing it is. I just want to keep reminding as many people as I can that there is amazing stuff on our stages and they deserve our support.

Facebook me on, tweet me @meganshead, leave comments here, or even email me if there is something you are sure I should be seeing and talking about.